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The Thinker

Article code: ROD.001

The Thinker

The Thinker (Le Penseur) by Auguste Rodin (1880.

The Thinker, one of the best-known sculptures of all time, is now a part of universal culture. Its title alone is sufficient identification, even without the name of the sculptor.
According to Rodin he conceived a Thinker, a nude man crouching on a rock, his feet tense. Fists tucked under his chin, he muses. Fertile thoughts slowly grow in his mind. He is no dreamer. He's a creator.

The Thinker is available in the following dimensions (in cm):

- 17 cm high (H: 17; B:   8; D:   8)
€ 99
€ 699
- 26 cm high (H: 26; B:  12; D:  12)
€ 209
€ 1250
- 40 cm high (H: 37; B: 18; D: 19)
€ 599
€ 2499

The Thinker is available in resin or bronze, click in the menu below for the right dimension and material.

Starts with € 99